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Kanonicy regularni św. Augustyna, Żagań (Wniebowzięcie NMP), Vocabularius breviloquus

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Basic information

Category: inkunabuł

Author / authors: Reuchlin, Joannes

Title/titles: Vocabularius breviloquus

Volume/part: 1

Place of publication: Kolonia

Printing house: [Henricus Quentell]

Date of publication: 1486 r.

Language: łacina

Ownership marks / Authentication / Provenance: 1. Catalogo inscriptus Canonicorum Regularium Sagani ad S. Virginem [XVIII w.]

Historical call numbers: BU 8/177,102

Current state

Current location: Biblioteka Uniwersytecka we Wrocławiu

Current call number: XV.F.854