Cystersi, Kacice not dissolved, exists to this day without interruption

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  • Foundation / translocation / change of rule / takeover

    1222 r.
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Main town / village: Kacice

Other name(s): ros. Кацице [pol. Kacyce, ang. Katsitse]


Address, current nationality and administrative affiliation:
  • Polska/[III] Rzeczpospolita Polska, woj. małopolskie, pow. krakowski

Additional location information: gm. Słomniki


Condition: nie zachowany

Existing buildings:

Religious order

Name of the order: Cystersi

Full Polish name of the congregation: Zakon Cystersów

Full Latin name of the congregation: Ordo Cisterciensis; Sacer Ordo Cistersiensis

Short Latin name: OCist

Rite: rzymskokatolicki (katolicki)

Type of congregation: Contemplative

Kind of congregation: męskie, mnisze


Date of foundation / translocation / change of rule / takeover: 1222 r.


zob.Mogiła, do której przeniesione w 1225 r.

Entity at the time of the foundation

Legal status: samodzielny

Type of independent entity: opactwo

Closure not through dissolution



Location: estimated

Geolocation: 50.2462 20.0334 (hide map)

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