Mariawitki, Mohylew not dissolved

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Main town / village: Mohylew

Current name(s): Магілёў [pol. Mahilou, Mahiłou, ang. Mahilyow]

Other name(s): niem. Mahiljou, ang. Mogilev, lit. Mogiliavas, ros. Могилёв [pol. Mogilow, ang. Mogilëv]


Address, current nationality and administrative affiliation:
  • Białoruś (Republika Białorusi, Рэспубліка Беларусь), obł. [obw.] mohylewski, raj. [rej.] mohylewski


Condition: nie zachowany

Existing buildings:

Religious order

Name of the order: Mariawitki

Full Polish name of the congregation: Zgromadzenie Sióstr Życia Maryi

Full Latin name of the congregation: Congregatio Mariae Vitae

Rite: rzymskokatolicki (katolicki)

Type of congregation: Active

Kind of congregation: żeńskie


Nationality and ecclesiastical affiliation at the time of dissolution

Country: Rosja/Carstwo Rosyjskie, Cesarstwo Rosyjskie

Territorial unit: gub. mohylewska

Archbishopric: mohylewskie

Diocese: mohylewska

Geolocation: 53.9 30.3333 (hide map)

Strony na temat miejscowości: