Musical item:
Dominikanie, Gidle (Wniebowzięcie NMP), Missa in C, [b.r.]

Introduced: 06.05.2014 07:50 | Last update: 06.05.2014 07:50 | Author of description: Alina Mądry, Patryk Frankowski


Catalogue data

Object call number: 98

Basic information

Source status: rękopis

Genre: msza

Date: [b.r.]

Composer: Anonim

Uniform title: Missa in C

Source information

Extant voices: ob 1


St. zach.: dobry; utwór niekompletny.

Physical characteristics

Material type: papier

Dimensions: 35,5 x 22 cm

Number of leaves / pages: 1